Digital Conceptual Sculpture

Works are output as objects through cnc/rapid prototype technology and cast bronze, aluminum and iron. The works can also be shown in multiple states as flat maps, data sculpture & data sonification or left in their real time evolving virtual state as installations and projections.

Early Works 1974-1997

Recent Coded Data Sculpture

As seen at Art Miami, Wayfarers Gallery, Brooklyn and WestBeth Gallery, Chelsea, NYC.

'Solid Gone' Sordoni Gallery 2018

'Melancholia in Heavenly Bodies' is a stacked recursive expression of telemetric 'locum point' transfigurations of Richard III's Skull, Block Island Asteroid and Durer & Holbein's Mathesis with Lenin's Last Portrait trapped inside. Cast Iron, Cast Bronze, Graphite and Glow in the Dark Translucent 3D Print.